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Day 1 Highlights of SHOT Show 2016 Knives

Day 2 Highlights of SHOT Show 2016 Knives

Day 3 Highlights of SHOT Show 2016 Knives

SHOT Show 2016 was an adventure – over one hundred cutlery companies announced thousands of products. We could only cover so much in the NewsFeed and we’ll continue to bring you coverage of new knives and stories that require more in depth reporting.  A big thank you to for making this coverage possible!

The 0220 is a collaboration between Zero Tolerance and designer Jens Anso, an unexpected but exciting pairing.  The knife has Anso’s characteristic ergonomics, and idiosyncratic touches like a bright orange backspacer and bright blue ZT logo handle inlay.

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The 0456, another Dmitry Sinkevich design, flips effortlessly even for a knife running on bearings.  Detailed milling on the titanium handles gives it a faceted look, and features a 3.25″ sheepsfoot blade ground from CTS-204P steel.

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Todd Rexford’s third collaboration with Zero Tolerance is the new 0804CF, a sizable but surprisingly lightweight flipper.  Based on his custom Gamma design, this ZT intrepetation includes details like a custom shield pivot and a sculpted titanium pocket clip.

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Les George designed the new 0909, a stout linerlock flipper with ZT’s signature oversized hardware and KVT bearing pivot system.

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Previously only available to the Russian market, the 0095 design comes to American shores this year with a new blackwash finish.

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The Dmitry Sinkevich-designed 0450 was a standout in Zero Tolerance’s line last year. This year, ZT is releasing a lightweight version, with a solid carbon fiber show scale, blackened titanium lock side, and bright green aluminum standoffs.

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Until very recently this knife was called the mini-smatchet within the ranks of TOPS.  Now it’s known as the FIEL which translates into faithful. The crowds are starting to thin out at SHOT but not at the TOPS booth..

We’re off to ZT next.

TOPS 2 TOPS Booth 1

Designed by TOPS‘ President Leo Espinoza this knife is called the Tracker Digger – TOPS says it’s half smatchet and half shovel. The Tracker Digger is expected to ship sometime after BLADE Show.

TOPS Tracker