That’s a wrap for SHOT Show 2017. It was an absolute pleasure covering all the awesome new blades unveiled in Las Vegas. We hope you enjoyed the coverage!

Thank you to our readers for your interest and support, the brands for your hospitality at the show, and for sponsoring the NewsFeed!

Grandpa’s AX is the company’s take on a full tang belt axe. It just so happens that the new for 2017 axe was designed by Grandpa: TOPS Knives President & CEO Leo Espinoza’s father.

Hold the El Chete (which translates to “the machete”) and you’ll feel like you’re ready to take on the toughest cutting chores. This beast combines the heft of a chopper with the length of a machete.

Customers asked TOPS Knives for a ‘Multi-Tool’ and this is what they came up with. Meet the TOPS Multi-Tool. Because you can’t hunt small game with a corkscrew.

TOPS isn’t known for subtlety, but the Tanimboca Puukko is a simple, handsome little fixed blade.

TOPS Knives acknowledges that the BOB Folder has been a long time in coming, but the first batch (a limited run of 50 pieces) will be available very VERY soon.

The spread at the TOPS Knives table. Check out the TOPS Knives line at Videos of new for 2017 TOPS Knives are in the works.

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