Sebastian Berenji of Borka Blades and Mike Bond of Ti2 Design have collaborated on this 1/1 Blade Show edition of the “Stich,” one of Berenji’s most popular designs. Bond, who machines tools, beads, and pens in his shop in Hawaii is responsible for the hypnotic design milled into the titanium handles.

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Smith & Sons are always expanding their family of blades. Swing by Booth #335 and see some of the newest additions, like the Prospector and the Ogre, or get a chance to handle some old standbys like the Ultralite.

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Gene Baskett has been making knives for 34 years. This particular model was made to crack open beers in the Pit post-show.

Check out the day our friends at The Truth About Knives experienced at Blade Show 2016. Careful with that giant Condor machete, Clay!

OTFs, fixed blades, custom knives, folders, and now tattoos? It appears that Microtech’s Anthony Marfione is a man of many talents – check him out manning the tattoo gun at the Microtech booth.. just when you’d thought you’ve seen it all.


GP Knives is down to a few dozen KnifeNews Microfiber Blade Sleeves they’re giving away at Booth 743. If you’re following the NewsFeed from home you can pick-up a 5-pack by clicking the ‘SHOP’ button in the KnifeNews menu bar.

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Everyone expected Olamic to bring some gorgeous knives with them. Glad these particular Wayfarer customs made the trip to Table #16E.