Russ Kommer is probably best known for his CRKT collaborations but this blade, called the Sniper, is from Florian Knives (booth #836). If your finger won’t catch on the flipper tab it’s because there isn’t one.
Florian Knives at BLade Show 2016

Bastinelli Knives has all sorts of tactical art for you at table #8AA, including the Safe, a brand new flipper knife designed by Bastinelli and made by LionSteel. If fixed blades are more your style there are plenty of karambits to go around.

Bastinelli at Blade Show 2016

Hinderer’s latest knives and innovations are on display at booth #612. The “Half-Track” has changed a little since it first debuted at this year’s IWA show – its vestigial thumb studs have been replaced by a shallow fuller groove. Check out the knife, and a hand ground and engraved XM-18 in the video.

Crusader Forge’s fixed blades and folders are built like medieval keeps. Their books are backed up over 24 months, so booth #52 is probably the best way to get a hold of one of their overbuilt beauties before 2018.

crusader 2


Spyderco fans know what’s coming next because the company released their mid-year product guide on Thursday. Sal, Eric, and a skeleton crew are introducing the new knives at Booth #23. Don’t overlook the cases of prototypes and experimental designs, but remember, no photographs!

Spyderco at Blade Show 2016

Not all the news at Blade Show 2016 is just new custom knives. Eric Demongivert and Patrick Famin, at tables #24L and #24M, are showing off their new Zirconia Pivot System. The Zirconium Oxide setup is durable, self-lubricating, and easy to install. Sweet!


Alan Folts is down to a single folder on his table (#20A). It could be a matter of minutes before Alan can put his feet up and this beauty finds a new home. Damascus, flipper, decorative bolster… this is catnip for collectors.

Alan Folts knives