If there’s such thing as a knife maker all star team it’s hanging out at Table #24Q, where Liong Mah has pulled together Andre Thornburn, Andre Van Heerdan, Jeremy Krammes, and Jonathan McNees – to offer their riffs on his new Warrior Two design. Can’t decide which to buy? I’ll take all four bro.


Hot off the heels of the very successful Urban Kickstarter, DPx Gear brought quite the spread of survivalist gear to Booth #938. And even though its folders have been hogging the spotlight lately, DPx makes a lot of popular fixed blades, many of which got prime position on the table today.



Larry Connelley, Owner of KnifeArt.com has had a busy day scouting the knife making talent and checking out their hottest new custom knives. He kindly took the time to send us this awesome shot from inside the Cobb Galleria.

Blade Show 2016, Day 1 is starting to wind down, but our coverage continues until 8:30pm EST and we’ll pick back up tomorrow morning at 9:30 EST.

Blade Show Thanks KnifeArt

The TAD and GTC’s styles couldn’t be more different, but the Triple Aught Design GTC Dauntless is a very good looking knife. And, like most Dauntless collaborations, it is also very much a limited edition. Only five of these futuristic-looking knives are available at Booth #735.

At Booth #100 Zero Tolerance keeps the collaborations coming. In one corner is another Hinderer design, a wharncliffe version of the “factory custom” ZT0392. In the other corner we have the ZT0427, another elaborate Sinkevich collaboration. There is some serious machining going on here. Sinkevich and ZT already have one Blade of the Year Award. Will they add another to the shelf?


New ZT0472


Wharncliffe ZT0392 (Top) ZT0427 (Bottom)

Custom lotteries and auctions are at the heart of Blade show, keeping knives circulating through the corridors of the Cobb Galleria. But even if you’re not attending this year you can still participate. Here are some lotteries, auctions, and giveaways that are open to everyone:

BucknBear Knives is giving away a custom damascus blade on their Instagram: Click to Enter

Danish designer Jens Anso is accepting bids on two prototypes of his latest knife, the “Blitz” via email, ending today at 6PM Eastern time (that’s real soon): Click to Bid

Hogue Knives is giving away an EX-02 folder on their Instagram page: Click to Enter

Chris Reeve Knives have opened the lottery for 10 limited edition Bronze inlayed versions of their latest knife, the large Inkosi. Remember, if you win you still have to pay – in this case, $2000! Click to Enter

Graham Knives continues to flout traditional blade shapes over at Booth #17. It’s always easy to recognize a Graham knife, no matter the specific model. Even this Damascus-clad dagger up for auction has the unmistakable Razel family resemblance.