Located in the Waverly Renaissance Hotel attached to Cobb Galleria, the Pit is a great place to hang out with your fellow knife knuts, hob nob with makers, and, of course, have a beer. Word on the street is that many collaboration deals have been struck within the Pit’s hallowed atmosphere. Don’t be alarmed – the hotel staff at the maitre-de station is not on fire.


Despite all the partying last night and the hangovers this morning, exhibitors have made it back to man their booths and attendees are back to buy what they can with what remains in their blade bank rolls. There is a lot more to cover and we’ll be here all day to bring you updates from the show floor inside the Cobb Galleria.

Day one of the world’s largest custom knife show has come to an end.  Blade Show 2016 knives are weighing collectors’ pockets down while makers’ tables have a lot less weight to hold. Join us right back here tomorrow, Saturday June 4th starting at 9:30am for our live coverage of Blade Show 2016.

The mavericks at Busse do things a little differently, and that includes their Blade Show lottery. Instead of picking names at random, Busse pulls the pricetags off the knives up for sale and launches them into the crowd. You stand a better chance of getting one tossed your way if you make some noise!

We Knife Co. promised us 20 new knives a year, and they brought no less than eight prototypes with them to Blade Show 2016. The knives cover a wide range of sizes and styles. There’s sure to be something that suits your taste among all the anodized titanium at booth #837.


If it ain’t broke…refine it? Chris Reeve Knives completed the Inkosi family of knives with the reveal of the full size model. It may resemble a Large Sebenza 25, but the Large Inkosi features all of the internal developments that debuted on the Small Inkosi: oversized washers, a new lock interface, and a refined large hollow grind.


Image is courtesy of KnifeArt.com

Hogue Knives and Allen Elishewitz’s partnership continues with the X5, a button-lock flipper with two blade options. This unique compound-ground tanto is up for the “Most Innovative American Design” award this year, but Hogue also makes a more utilitarian wide drop-point version.

hogue x5