RoseCraft Bowfin Surfaces with Ergonomic Large EDC Capability

We’re still coming off the post Blade Show high but, even with the summer’s main event behind us, the knife reveals and releases do not stop. Case in point, there are three new RoseCraft folders on shelves now. We’ll give each one a write up, and we’re starting with the Bowfin, the latest model from RoseCraft team member Chase Snyder.

RoseCraft divides its catalog quite neatly into traditional knives and modern folders – and the Bowfin, along with the other two new knives, falls into the latter camp. This is a sizeable utility cutter, bringing a 3.7-inch, wide profile drop point blade to the gamut of EDC chores. The knife as a whole has a bow-like shape to it, and that allows the RPM-9 edge to fall neatly below the handle and grip areas so that plus-size cutting power can be leveraged without hindrance.

The Bowfin has a swappable clip, like many of its stablemates

The opening method is served two ways on the Bowfin. First and most obviously, you can flick it open with the dual thumb studs, which have been anodized a high viz lime green color. But Snyder also included a low profile front flipper tab for those in the mood for a higher fidget factor. The front flipper is also ambidextrous of course, although the button lock Bowfin comes with the engagement/disengagement mechanism situated on the show side/right hander scale.

The arcing handle itself is handsome and basic, with no guard or grooves interrupting its smooth profile. The scales, made from black Micarta, are tapped to accommodate the deep carry pocket clip on either side. The Bowfin is not the lightest knife in the world, tipping the scales at 4.9 oz. – but that’s hardly a backbreaking weight and there are many users who want their larger knives to have a little bit of heft to them.

The Bowfin is out now, alongside two other modern folder releases. Stay tuned for coverage on those.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Knives Bowfin

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