Spyderco Files Counterfeit Suit Against iOffer, Inc.

Spyderco has filed a counterfeit suit against iOffer, Inc., Owner of online storefront iOffer.com. The suit alleges six different charges including trademark counterfeiting and patent infringement.

The lawsuit describes two purchases made by Spyderco from iOffer.com. One, listed on the site as “SPYDERCO C41CTS TACTICAL HUNTING FOLDING KNIVES,” sold for $30.00 and visually resembled a Spyderco Domino model. Another, listed as a “SPYDERCO KNIVES TACTICAL FOLDING MULTI NAVAJAS CAMPING” knife, resembled a Spyderco Matriarch model.

Both iOffer.com knives included the Spyderco Mark, Bug Mark, Round Hole Mark, and Product Packaging Mark that appear on authentic Spyderco products, and the Domino-style knife also had the “E” Eric Signature Tag Mark that appears on Eric Glesser-designed knives. “The designs are so similar as to be nearly identical such that an ordinary observer, giving such attention as a purchaser usually gives, would be so deceived by the substantial similarity between the designs to be induced to purchase iOffer’s products,” the lawsuit states.

Upon inspection of the knives Spyderco determined they were not genuine. According to the lawsuit, the knives have been available for purchase since at least June 2017. iOffer has been and continues to generate a large profit from the illegal and unauthorized sale of the Counterfeit Knives, and others like them,” it continues. “The only reason iOffer can generate this profit is because Spyderco spent decades generating a strong product offering, demand for its high-quality goods and a near-cult following for its knives.”

In a statement issued to KnifeNews Spyderco said: “Product infringements are an issue for Spyderco as you know. A number of fronts are being actively engaged in the response to these issues. It is thought over 95% of all Spyderco infringements originate in China.  Many are virtual clones of our products and certainly not legitimate. This is considered to be simply another step in our defense efforts to maintain our intellectual property, brand and integrity.”

In seeking a trial by jury Spyderco hopes to be awarded damages to compensate for iOffer’s conduct, statutory damages, and the cessation of all sales of counterfeit Spyderco knives on iOffer’s site. Last year Spyderco sued eBay for selling counterfeits, and filed two separate suits against Kevin, Inc., Owner of outdoor retail store Kittery Trading Post. Both the Kevin, Inc. and eBay suits eventually ended with settlements.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Domino