Swaggs Teams up with CJRB Again for the More Maileah

CJRB is bringing out a bigger sequel to the Maileah, the knife designed by knife community member Swaggs. They’re calling this one the More Maileah, and it scales up the original design to expand its capabilities without outright changing them.

If you missed out on the first Maileah, here’s a refresher: along with the Kizer Sway Back, it was Swaggs’s first production piece, one that evolved out of her specific concerns as a female user of knives. Thus she kept the dimensions small and gave the Maileah a thumb stud/front flipper combo instead of a spineside flipper tab so that it could into the restrictive pockets of women’s jeans.

With the More Maileah, the blade length has been bumped up from 2.39 inches to 3 inches even. This widens the capabilities of that modified wharncliffe blade shape; it could obviously always pierce and slice, and now has enough real estate for chores that call for a bit more cutting edge. Opening is still achieved via thumb stud or front flipper, and the blade steel remains AR-RPM9, the powder metallurgy steel designed by Artisan for use in their CJRB line.

A comparison between the two Maileahs

The ergonomics are the same too: a finger guard, deep finger groove, and jelly bean-shaped back portion. Obviously the additional length and width just make the grip more comfortable, which should be an appreciated feature if the More Maileah gets pressed into some tougher jobs. The G-10 scales are textured for grip, and we’re seeing the prototypes in four different colors: black, natural jade, green, and of course red, the signature color of the original Maileah. On all different versions of this knife, the pivot color and thumb stud are anodized gold for a little flash.

No official release date has been given for the More Maileah at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: CJRB More Maileah

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