Victorinox Releases Fourteen Limited Edition Knives for 2018

Victorinox is releasing its collection of limited edition models for 2018. A trio of popular models get the annual coloration, the Deluxe Tinker makes its debut in collector-grade trim, and the customer-designed contest winners are all available.

“Every year one of our best-selling models is selected for the Damast edition, and the Deluxe Tinker was chosen due to its popularity in the 91mm family,” explains Victorinox’s Christopher Costa. The 15-function classic comes outfitted in a brand new material for Victorinox. “It is the first knife we have made using Plum wood, and the result is quite beautiful,” Costa notes. Plum wood is often used in making instruments, and is prized both for its hardness and the variety of colors it can exhibit in its grain. The centerpiece main blade is made from Damasteel’s Ladder pattern stainless Damascus. This particular formulation is made from 333 layers of folded steel – nearly triple the amount on common Damasteel offerings like Odin’s Eye or Odin Heim.

The result unabashedly caters to collectors first and foremost. But functionality has not been neglected. The Damasteel blade will hold an edge longer than Victorinox’s standard steel formulation, and the scales can soak up wear and tear. “While they are extremely beautiful and many collectors choose to keep them in the box, they can still be used for daily tasks and deliver the same quality as all other Swiss Army Knives,” Costa explains. “This is at the heart of all Victorinox products.”

Alongside the Damast Deluxe Tinker comes the fourth annual limited coloration for the Alox Classic SD, Cadet, and Pioneer. This year’s color is Berry Red, brighter and bolder than the standard Victorinox red. Some may hope to see other Alox models in this collectible trim, but Costa tells us that for now the company will hold the course and keep future annual colors relegated to these three products. “At this time, we only plan to release these models for future limited edition releases,” he says. The Classic SD did see one other special release, the Classic Limited Edition Design Contest winners, with scale images drawn by customers.

Berry Red Classic SD, Cadet, and Pioneer

All of the 2018 Limited Edition offerings are available now. The Damast Deluxe Tinker is limited to just 6,000 pieces worldwide. The Berry Red Alox and Design Contest Classic models will be produced regularly throughout the year, but manufacture will stop at the end of 2018.

Knife featured in image: Victorinox Damast series Deluxe Tinker