110 Folding Hunter Once Again Gets BotM Treatment

If your significant other is into knives and doesn’t mind waiting for their gift till after the holiday itself, take a look at February’s Buck of the Month. It’s a fancy, slightly modernized version of the company’s venerable no. 1 classic, the Buck 110 Folding Hunter.

There may not be 110 variations of the Buck 110, which is a shame; but the legendary knife has certainly been the recipient of dozens of variations, one-offs, and other riffs since its debut in the 1964 – and, in the last decade in particular, Buck has been getting adventurous with the pattern, churning out modern versions that until then had been merely knife enthusiasts’ pipe dreams; some of these variants are so different that they have been separated out into their own separate model lineups, equipped as they are with modern elements like pocket clips, thumb studs, and the like.

The long pull nail mark helps differentiate this special 110

This Buck of the Month falls somewhere in between the more radical renovations seen on the Slim/Hunter models, and the classic lines and appeal of the original classic. It has a pocket clip, but a two-hand opening blade. The shape, instead of the standard California clip point, is the lesser-seen drop point configuration; at the same length of 3.75 inches, it remains an omnicapable daily cutter/outdoors tool. Too, instead of the crescent-shaped nail mark, Buck gave this one a long pull, a narrow oval that runs from just behind the forward swedge across a majority of the blade flat. The premium carbon fiber scales contrast with the forward side only nickel silver bolster.

If there’s a disappointing element on this 110, it’s that the steel is S30V; even though it still feels weird to say, S30V is an old steel, with two generations of progeny at this point; it would have been nice to see S45VN here, as Buck as employed on other knives before now. Of course, all of this is relative because S30V is still a solid knife steel by most reasonable metrics, and it has the advantage of being easier to maintain compared to newer super steels.

The February Buck of the Month is available now. It is limited to just 750 pieces worldwide.

Knife in Featured Image: February 2024 Buck of the Month

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