16 year old girl thwarts home invasion with pocket knife kept on nightstand

“I don’t think I’ll let her keep a gun in her room, though, [but] the knife I’m happy with,” the mother of a 16-year old girl told the Idaho Statesman.

An assailant had allegedly broken into the Caldwell, Idaho home 3am on Thursday in order to evade police. The fugitive tripped and fell on the teenager’s bed when the quick thinking girl grabbed the pocket knife kept on her night-stand and threatened to stab the man unless he left.

“My daughter, you know, finally flipped our lights on … holding her knife, white as a ghost and saying, ‘There was a man in our room,’ ” the mother said.

The man, who police had been tracking for the better part of the morning was arrested soon after fleeing the home. “I was pretty impressed. Considering the circumstances, she did what she had to do. That’s a scary situation,” Sergeant Joey Hoadley of the Caldwell department said. “That’s a heroic move.”

A 26-year old man has been charged with unlawful entry, malicious injury to property and possession of a controlled substance. He also is charged with a parole violation, according to police.

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