2nd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards Celebrate Your 2019 Favorites

Presented by:Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

We at KnifeNews are thrilled to announce the return of the Readers’ Choice Awards for 2019! Teaming up once again with our sponsor Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners, next Monday we’ll start announcing the best knives of the year – as chosen by you, our readers!

As the decade comes to a close, we look back and see a knife market that has changed drastically. There has been a huge surge in quality and options from makers at all tiers; each year the bar seem to get nudged higher and higher. This quality directly reflects the high level of knowledge, expertise, and passion seen every day from the users and fans that comprise the knife community. We hope that the Readers’ Choice Awards will give that community a chance to come together and honor their favorite production blades of 2019.

The details of how and when to vote are down below. We’ve kept the same 10 categories from last year, with one cool, additional award outside of the Readers’ Choices themselves: the Work Sharp Knife of the Year.

Work Sharp has been our generous sponsor both for the Dealers’ and Readers’ Choice Awards in the past, and this year they wanted to take an active role as members of the knife community themselves. So the team at Work Sharp are going to decide on their favorite production knife of the year as well. They’ll be taking in multiple factors including price, performance, and overall design. When the Work Sharp Knife of the Year is announced [see the schedule below] they’ll also give us insight into how to sharpen their choice to get the best performance out of it. We’re looking forward to seeing what Work Sharp picks, and hearing some tips for sharpening that knife.

When and How to Vote

We’ll be opening the polls on the main KnifeNews page this Friday, November 29th, at 9am EST; you can vote any time until 9am EST, Monday, December 2nd. You’ll be able to cast a vote for your favorite knife in each of the ten categories; an option to write in a nominee for each category will also be available.

Then, starting on Monday afternoon, we’ll kick off the the award announcements, with a new one each day, five days a week, starting with Best New Tactical Fixed Blade and ending with Best Overall New for 2019 Lineup on Monday, December 16th. You can see the complete schedule below. Thanks so much for participating once again in the Readers’ Choice Awards! We’re so stoked to be collaborating with you once again on this adventure.

We strive to be as comprehensive as possible when deciding on which knives to include as named options in each category, and encourage voters to take advantage of the write-in option if they don’t see their favorites listed as a standalone option. However, before the poll is finalized on Friday, you can send us your picks for knives that you think should be included in one or several categories. Email your picks to info@knifenews.com with the subject “READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS SUGGESTIONS.” We’ll go through these emails before compiling the final poll to see if any knives we missed stand out as obvious inclusions.


Monday, December 2ndBest New Tactical Fixed Blade 2019

Tuesday, December 3rdBest New Fixed Blade for EDC 2019

Wednesday, December 4thBest New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2019

Thursday, December 5thBest Knife Upgrade 2019

Friday, December 6thBest New Slipjoint/Non-Locking Knife 2019

Monday, December 9thBest New High-End Knife 2019 (MSRP of $300 or more)

Tuesday, December 10thBest New Value Folder 2019 (MSRP of $100 or less)

Wednesday, December 11thBest New Folder 2019

Thursday, December 12thMost Innovative New Knife 2019

Friday, December 13thWork Sharp Knife of the Year

Monday, December 16th: Best Overall New for 2019 Lineup