5 FaceBook Reaction Emojis Knife People Need

Yesterday, FaceBook introduced new options for users to interact with posts. Instead of simply choosing whether or not to ‘like’ something, you can now express love, laughter, amazement, sadness, and anger via emojis. It’s a good idea. People have asked for a ‘dislike’ button for years, for when you want to acknowledge something you don’t actually like. Tragedy, injustice, catastrophe; these things are shared on Facebook every day and nobody wants to give a virtual ‘thumbs up’ to bad news.

Unfortunately FaceBook’s new emojis don’t capture the emotional states unique to being a knife person. Here are a few suggestions for FaceBook emojis to help Knife People react to posts:

1. MALL NINJA – Too tactical to be practical.
Mall Ninja

2. DULL – When you come across knife info you already know – FaceBook can get repetitive.

3. NEED – When you’re already calculating how long you’ll have to eat ramen to be able to afford that knife.
Knife Need

4. SNOB – Nice knife, shame about the steel, though.
Steel Snob

5. HELP – For when you’re in too deep – you can’t stop buying knives and already own so many you’ve lost count.
Help Knife Addiction

Knife featured in image: CRKT Clever Girl

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