New Addition to Classic Boot Knives

Yesterday, A.G. Russell added a new edition to their classic Sting 3 line-up. The Sting 3 is a small fixed blade dagger with a long lineage. The original was designed in the 1970s as a stylish, modern day boot knife. A.G. Russell designed the knife himself and the original prototypes were made by fellow Arkansan Bob Dozier. There was also an all-steel model, the Sting 1A and a bigger brother, the Sting 2. Russell worked on the Sting 3 for more than two years before releasing it in early 2010.

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The knife serves as a last ditch self defense weapon, easy to conceal under a pant leg or on a belt. It’s a popular option but only legal in jurisdictions where both concealed carry and two edged blades are permitted. Consider buying attorney, Evan F. Nappen’s book if you’re not sure if it’s legal for you to carry one.

CRKT also makes more affordable production versions of the knife, the CRKT Sting and the incredibly thin CRKT Sting 3B which Russell himself briefly presents in this video for CRKT.

A Sting dagger even found its way into a piece of popular fiction: it was the blade of choice for John Thomas Rourke, hero of Jerry Ahern’s Survivalist series of novels. There’s a special Survivalist edition of the Sting 3 available in a military green G10. The Sting 3 is also already available in Rucarta, Cocobolo, African Ironwood, or India Stag.

A.G. Russell first revealed the newest iteration of the Sting 3, with handsome burled Honduran Rosewood handles in a FaceBook post last month. Like its stablemates the burled Rosewood Sting 3 will also be produced in Taiwan from German 440C steel. The scales will be affixed to the blades at the A.G. Russell facility in Rogers, Arkansas.

A.G. Russell Knives

Knife featured in image: CRKT Sting