Amare Knives Continues to Grow with Latest Releases

Amare Knives, the production knife label started by German maker Uli Hennicke, is gearing up for another spate of releases. A new folder designed by Tashi Bharucha, a fixed blade, and a folder are all inbound.

Folding Creator

Hennicke reached out to Tashi Bharucha for an Amare design, and the final product is the Folding Creator [see feature image above]. Like many collaborations between makers, the idea stemmed from an admiration of the other’s work. “I was watching Tashi’s career from designer to designer and knifemaker, and the design and work he made is great,” Hennicke tells us. “So at one point it was interesting and important to ask him and he said ‘Yes.'”

The lines of both the blade and the handle should be familiar to fans of Bharucha’s work, and Hennicke tells us the Folding Creator is designed to function as a folding food prep knife. The santoku-style blade and high, arching handle that puts the user’s hand out of the way for chopping are keyed into this end goal.

The Folding Creator will be the first Amare product not designed by Hennicke himself to use the A-Joint mechanism, a patented slipjoint design comprised of an angled, two-prong spring, Each of the two prongs are set at different tensions, which makes an A-Joint knife easy to open, but harder to close. Hennicke says he wanted to use the A-Joint in a larger-than-expected design. “The A-Joint really works well at any size, and it is not always necessary to have a locked-up blade in the open position.”

Duro Expedition 1

The Duro Expedition 1 will be the fourth fixed blade in the Amare lineup, and the biggest so far. Hennicke tells us that the knife is spec’d for bushcraft work. The Duro’s blade conforms to those bushcraft ideals as a mid-sized, wide drop point profile, and Hennicke notes it will come out with a very acute convex grind when it releases later this year.

New Folder Prototype

The other new folder from Amare is a locking one. It comes outfitted with the now free-to-use mechanism best known as the Axis Lock from Benchmade. It is a mid-sized folder with a simple handle and blade shape that allow it to comfortably perform multiple cutting roles. The G-10 scales sport not only some general texture machining, but also the Amare dragonfly logo in the center.

No firm release dates have been given for any of the three knives, and pricing remains undecided. Hennicke also tells us that more knives are scheduled for 2020. “We have some special plans for a multitool folder, but that is a very large and expensive project, we will see when we can go for it.”

Knife in Featured Image: Amare Knives Folding Creator