Jens Ansø Offers Knives and Hand Picked Products Under New Brand

Jens Ansø has initiated a total reboot of his business, reimagining Ansø Knives as Ansø of Denmark. The rebrand is more than just a name change. It comes with a new website and game plan that will bring more Ansø knives and EDC tools to market, as well as a line of products by other makers curated by Ansø himself.

“The Ansø company has evolved over the years from being mainly about handmade custom knives to include carabiners, EDC tools, and more,” he says. “I felt it was time to rebrand the company to give a better feel of what it’s all about.” The new direction will afford Ansø the opportunity to work with new partners, selling hand-selected lifestyle products under his new ‘curated’ line.

Ansø’s first collaborator is By Sommer, a Danish bag and case brand who has produced pouches for Ansø’s custom knives in the past. The curated collection of products will not feature the work of others within the cutlery industry. “I will not be featuring work of other knife makers, but products from outside the knife realm,”Ansø explains.

Just because he is widening his scope doesn’t mean Ansø has forgotten his core business. Knives are still very much on the agenda, and Ansø tells us the coming months will be exciting ones for those looking for new custom knife designs. He has two new blades in the works, one that will be similar in size to his Monte Carlo model and another which he describes as a small, beefy folder that he plans to reveal by June if not sooner. “The launch has kept me busy, so with the website live I will have some more time to focus on these projects,” Ansø says.

Jens Ansø is one of the giants of the world knife scene. His designs have found their way into the catalogs of Böker, Fox, Spyderco, and Kershaw/ZT. Each of these brands has brought at least two Ansø models to market. In Böker’s case, the number is in double digits.

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Although part of the focus of his new brand is to bring products into circulation on his own, Ansø has no desire for AoD to become a manufacturer. “AoD is indeed a big step in the right direction in regards to growing. It will however not become a knife production company. My involvement with GiantMouse, Kershaw/ZT, Fox and other production companies takes care of that side of things.”

Knife featured in image: AoD Monaco