Archibeque and Friends Planning Something Obscene

Something Obscene Company revealed it will be shipping a folding version of its Nemley Cleaver this fall. Designer Felix Archibeque called on the help of his fellow makers to get the project ready for production.

The exaggerated Nemley Cleaver blade has become a signature of sorts for Archibeque. “There are so many makers out there, and so many designs,” he tells us. “It’s a challenge to come up with something that stands out from everyone else, and from the common, standard designs.” Archibeque has offered his cleaver in several different formats including a standard small fixed blade, a pocket-sized model, and a full-sized version with a trench knife knuckleduster handle. This latest release marks the first time he has brought a Nemley cleaver design out in a folding variant.

Something Obscene Company is teaming up with We Knife Co. to produce the Nemley folders. Archibeque typically works by hand out of his Broken Arrow, Oklahoma custom shop, and turned to two up-and-coming makers to help ready the Nemley folder for production. First, Archibeque’s original design went to Elijah Isham, of Isham Bladeworks. “I took Felix’s hand drawn sketch and transferred it to a 2D file,” Isham tells us. The two makers’ styles are very different, and Isham says that was part of the appeal. “I had a lot of fun doing a design that wasn’t mine for a change.”

 Something Obscene Company Nemley Folder

After Isham had finished the initial 2D drawing, it went off to Kyle Chumchal of KC Designs for a full-scale 3D rendering. “I love this design, I think it’s absolutely sick,” Chumchal says. Chumchal has been a proponent of digital drawing in knife making since he started designing last year. “I worked with Felix to give him a better idea of what it’s going to look like with all the correct dimensions added.”

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Final dimensions for the Nemley folder may still change, but Archibeque expects the final version to measure 8.5-inches in overall length. Three standard variations of the Nemley folder will be offered – black blade/satin handle, satin blade/black handle, and an all-black, “murdered out” model. He anticipates a November release, with a price of around $350.

Something Obscene Company will also offer a handful of special versions. “I’ll play around with Damascus steel, possibly from Chad Nichols or Damasteel, and special material clips, spacers, and hardware,” Archibeque says. Variants with Damascus or other flourishes will start in the $500 range.

Knife featured in image: Something Obscene Company Nemley Folder