Artisan Brings Out Proponent in Budget-Conscious G-10

Artisan Cutlery and Dirk Pinkerton are putting out a G-10 variation of Pinkerton’s massive Proponent design. The knife originally debuted in premium trim; a swap in handle and steel brings the G-10 version out with an MSRP under $100.

When Artisan first showed off the Proponent, it drew attention for its bold dimensions: a futuristic, 3.8-inch wharncliffe blade and chunky titanium handle created a tank-like knife that weighed 11 oz. and was optimized for hard cutting or collecting. And the titanium build and hefty chunk of S35VN for the blade meant that the Proponent fit comfortably within Artisan’s premium lineup.

The new G-10 Proponent makes two major changes. The first, and most obvious, is the handle scale swap, from titanium to G-10. Available in several different colors, the new material means that the G-10 Proponent uses a liner lock instead of a frame lock. With the G-10 in place, the knife does manage to lose about an ounce and a half of weight, taking it down to 9.5 oz.

Blade steel is the other alteration here, going from S35VN to the omnipresent D2 semi stainless. The pivot assembly still utilizes ceramic ball bearings, and the thumb stud/flipper tab combo has been carried over from the original Proponent as well. But the changes add up to a much lower price tag: the new G-10 Proponent stickers for $91.40, which is a considerable drop over the original titanium model’s $283.82.

According to Artisan Cutlery, the G-10 Proponent is set to be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Artisan Cutlery G-10 Proponent