Artisan Opens the Gates for Fan Designs with Big Competition

Artisan Cutlery is hosting a pretty awesome contest this month. They’re calling it “Your Design, Our Creation” a month-long event where they’re accepting design ideas for a new knife – with the big winner seeing their creation brought into reality and snagging a contract with Artisan.

We’ve seen design contests before, but one interesting element that helps Your Design, Our Creation stand out from the pack is there there are no real restrictions in terms of what kind of knife you can make.Here are the official guidelines from the company:

Who Can Participate: Open to all knife enthusiasts and designers over the age of 18.
Theme: Design with no boundaries. We’re looking for fresh, innovative designs that strive to revolutionize the tools that we see in this industry.
Creativity: Every design must be original, non-derivative, with dimensions, suggested materials, and a brief artistic description of the design.
Submission: One design per participant, upload in PDF (for hand-drawn), DWG (for 2D design), or STP (for 3D design)

You have until September 30th to submit your design. Shortly after that, there will be a weeklong voting period in October, where Artisan shows off the entries and votes are gathered from the community. Now, ultimately Artisan will pick the designer who gets the contract, so there’s a chance that their pick will differ from the community’s winner. If that’s the case, the latter will get produced in a small sample batch, while Artisan’s pick will snag the contract.

Even those who don’t win the top spot have a chance at getting a prize. Contestants in 2nd through 5th place will each receive a custom made commemorative coin.

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