Benchmade Adds New Customization Options for Crooked River

Benchmade has just pumped some more options into the Custom Knife Builder system for the Crooked River and Mini Crooked River.

The steel options for the Crooked River models have been expanded and now include: S30V, S90V, 20CV, M4, and Damasteel. For the handle, users can choose between wood composite, carbon fiber, and multiple colorations of G-10 including a new semi-transparent jade hue for the scales. The Custom Knife Builder program also features an impressive 3D rendering of your potential knife that changes as you add or remove materials, and can be rotated to check out different angles of it before you confirm a purchase.

Benchmade’s Custom Knife Builder already stood as one of the more robust systems of its kind in the production knife world. Six of the company’s most popular models are available for customization, with options available for blade steels, handle materials, coatings, and even the color of the hardware and Axis Lock itself. Other models available to customize are the Barrage and Mini Barrage, and the full size and mini Griptilian.

Obviously different materials will add different, additional costs; a totally tricked out carbon fiber/Damasteel Crooked River will run you $500.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Crooked River