Benchmade Brings the Proper into the Gold Class Once Again

Benchmade is releasing the second Gold Class edition of the Proper next month. The 319-201 outfits the popular modern traditional with a gamut of high-end materials.

While the design of the -201 Proper is identical to the standard Blue Class version, almost every material has been upgraded or tweaked in some way. The 2.82 sheepsfoot blade trades S30V for a Damasteel blade, this time in the Munin pattern, which takes its name after one of Odin’s ravens in Norse mythology. The Damasteel was obviously chosen for its aesthetic value rather than its performance as a steel, but it’s no slouch in that department: the DS93 alloy that Damasteel uses performs above average for a ‘decorative’ steel.

Beyond the blade, the -201’s handle is decked out in rich earth tones: a gold-and-ivory mokume bolster caps handle scales of burgundy Micarta; and all of the handle hardware has been plated in 24-carat gold. Even the interior of the knife has received some attention with liners that are jeweled and polished. The materials and finishing are one element of the Gold Class designation; the other is the limited production run. Benchmade says the the 319-201 is being kept to just 500 pieces worldwide.

This is the second time the Proper has made it into the Gold Class category. In 2018 the 318, the clip point version of the Proper, got treated to a similar upgrade. The 319-201 isn’t the first Gold Class model to be announced in 2020. In addition to the new Blue and Black Class models revealed at SHOT, we saw the 15085-201 Mini Crooked River on display; a titanium-handled 940 Osborne was also seen and, while Benchmade describes it as a Limited model, it hasn’t actually received the Gold Class designation.

According to Benchmade, we can expect the 319-201 to be available on March 2nd.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 319-201

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