Benchmade Deploys New Rukus II Black Class Auto

Hot on the heels of this week’s surprise announcement of the 535 Bugout, Benchmade is introducing a redesigned version of an old favorite – the new 9600 Rukus II. The newest Black Class knife reincarnates the old Rukus as a single action automatic.

When Benchmade discontinued their HK line last year, they stopped production of several affordable automatic knives. In 2017, they signaled an interest in swelling the ranks of the Black Class with new affordable automatic models. The Rukus II hits shelves with a lower price point than the Precipice or Phaeton dual action models, but higher than that of the Casbah or the Presidio II.

In terms of size, the Rukus II is much more in line with the Mini Rukus than the full size original. The new automatic has a 3.4-inch drop point blade made from S30V steel. Like the new for 2017 Presidio II, the Rukus II features aluminum handle scales to keep weight down – and even with the implementation of a glass breaker pommel, it shaves more than a full ounce off of the weight of the Mini Rukus. Utilizing a push button deployment like the Stimulus II, the Rukus II moves away from the Axis Lock, but incorporates an integrated safety.

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The Rukus II comes in plain and combo edge variants. Limited quantities are expected to arrive at dealers on Tuesday, and preorders are now available.

Knife featured in image: Benchmade 9600 Rukus II