Benchmade Expands SOCP Line with Smaller Version

Benchmade has unveiled the 173BK Mini SOCP, a shrunk-down sequel to the original self defense-oriented fixed blade. In addition to its new size class, the Mini SOCP makes some improvements to the original’s sheath design.

The Mini SOCP gives up an inch of overall blade length compared to the standard-length model: a jump from 3.22 inches to 2.22 inches. Blade steel remains black coated 440C, and while the cutting length has been reduced Benchmade maintained the dual edged, dagger grind.

Designer Greg Thompson implemented a linear profile for the SOCP, with a handle composed here on the Mini of three finger grooves on either side, the middle of which has been jimped. A kunai-style finger ring lets the knife hang from the user’s hand without dropping, allowing them to use their hands for other tasks when necessary. The total weight of the SOCP Mini is 3 oz. on the nose.

Needless to say, as is often the case with Benchmade’s Mini line expansions, much remains the same. But the sheath has been given an overhaul, with a redesigned deep carry clip on the front side and the promise of improved retention for MOLLE setups. According to Benchmade, a leather pad should help to improve IWB carry as well.

Currently, the Mini SOCP is coming only in plain edge, although the full size model did offer a semi-serrated and drop point variant as well. When the Mini SOCP arrives with dealers next month, it will bring the SOCP family of knives back up to three distinct models. We previously saw the SOCP Folder release, but it was discontinued shortly thereafter.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 173BK Mini SOCP