Benchmade Extends Slip Joint Line with New Proper Variant

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Benchmade is releasing the 318 Proper, a clip point variant of their best-selling, modern-style slipjoint, which debuted earlier this year. Alongside the high-utility clip point blade, the 318 brings all the signature traits of the Proper design.

The new blade shape features a more acute tip than the modified sheepsfoot on the original 319. Sheepsfoot blades are hard working and appear less threatening but typically struggle with piercing tasks. The new variant should appeal to anybody in need of the greater versatility.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual across the rest of the 318. This slipjoint features the same compact, steel-lined handle. It’s just big enough to accommodate a full four-finger grip without adding unnecessary length or mass. S30V steel, a half stop, and French cut-style nail mark are also all present and accounted for. Fans of the first Proper will be familiar with all of these elements.

The specifications are also nearly identical. At 2.82 inches, the cutting edge is not noticeably shorter than its 2.86-inch predecessor. The knife tips the scales at 2.28 ounces compared to 2.32 oz. of the original proper.

When the 319 Proper was quietly released earlier this year, it was marketed as a callback to traditional folders with international appeal due to its extensive legality. It went on to become one of the most popular 2017 Benchmade knives in a year full of strong releases, easily making it one of the top ten Best Selling Knives of 2017. As the first slipjoint produced by Benchmade, the Proper family’s popularity could mean we’ll see new slipjoint designs from the company in the future.

Once again, customers have two choices for handle scales. Like the 319, the 318 will come in a red G-10 handle. But, if you prefer Micarta scales, the 318 will be available in brown instead of the green this time. The 318 Proper is already available for pre-order at and will ship out by early November.

Knife featured in image: Benchmade 318 Proper