Benchmade G-10 Griptilian Voted Best Knife Upgrade 2016

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The KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Awards recognize extraordinary achievement in the production knife world. KnifeNews turned to knife dealers to determine the winners. With hundreds of new production knives passing through their hands and many hours spent interacting with end-users, dealers have the most comprehensive and informed perspective. 21 of North America’s top dealers cast their votes in 10 different categories to choose the best of the best in 2016.

We are pleased to announce that the Benchmade G-10 Griptilian is the winner of the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Award for Best Knife Upgrade 2016. Votes cast by dealers indicated that other great blades in this category include the Bradford Guardian 3 3D, the Spyderco S110V Para Military 2, the Victorinox Pioneer X, and the Zero Tolerance 0450CF.

“We knew it was something people wanted,” says Benchmade’s Derrick Lau. “The upgrade has been on our minds for a long time. But we wanted to do it right.” Lau says that it was important to make this upgrade go well beyond handle material. So when Benchmade drew up plans for the G-10 Griptilians, they decided to renovate almost every material aspect of the knife without altering its design. In addition to attractive grey G-10 handles with blue accents, they introduced CPM-20CV super steel and a deep carry pocket clip.

The new configuration offers extra rigidity and durability, and allows for an open-pillar, flow-through construction for easier cleaning and maintenance. It is also more forgiving on pockets than the original textured FRN, which tended to chew through fabric over time. 20CV super steel offers significantly better edge retention and corrosion resistance. The deep carry clip keeps the knife buried in the pocket where it is less likely to fall out or draw attention.

Benchmade G-10 Griptilian

Lau says the new G-10 Griptilians are offered alongside the originals so customers have an additional Griptilian option that is more in line with the higher expectations of 2016. “This is a performance upgrade that brings the Griptilian into the upper-end.”

Visit tomorrow to find out the winner of the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Award for Best New Automatic Knife 2016.


Best New Tactical Fixed Blade:
Top 4 Contenders
CRKT Clever Girl (WINNER)
Friday, November 11th

Best New Outdoor Fixed Blade:
Top 4 Contenders
Mora Garberg (WINNER)
Saturday, November 12th

Best New Fixed Blade for EDC:
Top 4 Contenders
Sunday, November 13th

Best Knife Upgrade:
Top 5 Contenders
Benchmade G-10 Griptilian (WINNER)
Monday, November 14th

Best New Automatic Knife:
Top 4 Contenders
Kershaw Launch 6 (WINNER)
Tuesday, November 15th

Best New Assisted-Opening Folder:
Top 4 Contenders
Benchmade 490 Amicus (WINNER)
Wednesday, November 16th

Best New Value Folder (MSRP under $100):
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Cold Steel Pro-Lite (WINNER)
Thursday, November 17th

Best New Manual Folder:
Top 5 Contenders
Zero Tolerance 0456 (WINNER)
Friday, November 18th

Most Innovative New Knife:
Top 3 Contenders
CRKT Homefront (WINNER)
Saturday, November 19th

Best Overall New for 2016 Lineup:
Top 5 Contenders

Benchmade Knife Company (WINNER)
Sunday, November 20th

Knife featured in image: Benchmade G-10 Griptilian