Benchmade Gives HUNT Fixed Blades Massive Reboot

Benchmade has just revealed a major update to several HUNT fixed blade models. These 2020 refreshes make key changes to the previous designs, bringing them in line with customer feedback and requests. Refined ergonomics, new sheaths, and new steels are all on the menu.

15002 and 15004 Saddle Mountain Skinner

The 2020 Saddle Mountain Skinner sports some subtle changes to the original: the blade profile and handle have both been tweaked, and the position of the jimping has been altered. The sheath has been completely redesigned, with a snap retention loop integrated to keep it secure during treks.

The 15004 model incorporates a gut hook on the spine side of the blade, while otherwise bringing over all the improvements on the accompanying drop point model.

15002-1 Saddle Mountain Skinner

Benchmade fans know that the “-1” suffix denotes a premium variant. On this version of the Saddle Mountain Skinner, the Dymondwood scales and S30V blade are replaced with Richlite and S90V. This one comes with an orange Kydex sheath, and Benchmade is implementing what it’s calling the SelectEdge grind: an acute 14 degrees-per-side bevel for added cutting power.

15006 Steep Country

Designed to fall into a smaller size category than the Saddle Mountain knives, the Steep Country has a wide, 3.54-inch blade made from S30V steel. The texturing on the handle has been redone, and the sheath upgraded to a high visibility Boltaron number.

15017 Hidden Canyon Hunter

Even smaller than the Steep Country is the Hidden Canyon Hunter. Its blade length runs to a mere 2.79 inches, making it even easier to carry; but even with the smaller size it is still a workhorse. The changes here are similar to those made with the Saddle Mountain Skinner: repositioned jimping, refined ergos, and a sheath redesign.

15017-1 Hidden Canyon

Like the Saddle Mountain Skinner, the Hidden Canyon Hunter gets a premium variation. All the same upgrades are in place: steel and handle material are promoted to Richlite and S90V (once again sporting the Select Edge grind), and the sheath is bright orange Boltaron instead of leather.

All of the knives except for the Steep Country will be available on July 27th. Benchmade says to expect the Steep Country in September.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 15002-1 Saddle Mountain Skinner