Benchmade Gold Class Full Immunity is Here for 2024 Only

Collectors take note: the new Gold Class Benchmade has dropped today. Let’s call it the Full Dress Full Immunity, a collector’s edition of the newish EDC release that may not actually make you healthier, but will certainly make you feel better to own, if you’re into the dressier side of knife collecting.

The Full Immunity model is part of the Immunity family of low-profile, EDCable wharncliffe knives. The concept originated when Benchmade began fielding requests from federal employees for a useful knife that met the strict size requirements for employee carry inside government buildings. That means the blade length could not exceed 2.5 inches, and the Full Immunity went right up under the limit at 2.49 inches, maximizing the usable edge length on its wharnie blade. There’s also the Partial Immunity, a family member with a blade that’s smaller still, at just 1.95 inches. Also worth noting is that there are both automatic and manual versions of the Immunity models, so buyers can really dial in on the right model for their needs.

The Aegir pattern up close

This Gold Class option takes the manual Full Immunity as the base before upgrading the cosmetic elements. The blade, instead of the line-standard CPM-M4 tool steel, is made from Aegir pattern Damasteel, a varietal with waves of alternating dark and light steel lines, punctuated with all dark, ragged-pointed stars, surmounted in their turn with more light-dark wavework. It’s a handsome pattern, in other words, and while the edge retention will not approach the lofty regions M4 operates in, it will still be more than adequate for EDC, while having the edge in its intended role as a collector piece.

No aluminum scales here, as you see on the rest of the Immunity family. No, this Gold Class take comes with scales made from unidirectional carbon fiber. Instead of the more common checkered or shredded CF, what we have here is something that has a woodlike grain to it, with alternating rings of gray and black. It’s handsome stuff, and all set off a bright Benchmade blue thumb stud and pivot screw (although the rest of the hardware is black). The Axis Lock appears here much as it does on the standard line Full Immunity, so the usual Benchmade ambidextrous nature also carried forward here.

This Gold Class is not limited to a single run consisting of so many pieces, but rather to a single year. It is available now through December 31st, 2024. So don’t worry, you’ve got a bit of time to save up if you’re interested.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Gold Class Full Immunity

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