BEST NEW FIXED BLADE FOR EDC 2016: Meet the Contenders

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The KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Awards recognize extraordinary achievement in the production knife world. KnifeNews turned to knife dealers to determine the winners. With hundreds of new production knives passing through their hands and many hours spent interacting with end-users, dealers have the most comprehensive and informed perspective. 21 of North America’s top dealers cast their votes in 10 different categories to choose the best of the best in 2016.

Best New Fixed Blade for EDC
EDCing fixed blades is a growing phenomenon. Whether it’s around the neck, on a belt, or even in a pocket, more and more users are carrying non-folding blades. Many are rediscovering the value of having a failsafe option as either a back-up knife or as a primary tool. Fans of fixed blades have a wide array of new choices to consider carrying everyday.

In alphabetical order, here are the four new fixed blades that garnered the most votes in this category. Visit tomorrow to find out which one is taking home the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Award for Best New Fixed Blade for EDC 2016.

Bark River Knives Bravo Necker II
An EDC-friendly version of Bark River’s famous Bravo knife, the Bravo Necker II is 7” long and weighs a scant 2.4 oz. Sheath retention is excellent and retrieval is effortless thanks to an innovative sheath design that utilizes rare earth magnets to retain the blade.

Bark River Bravo Necker II

Böker Plus Eddleman Tanto Dashi
Knife maker Sam Eddleman turned to Japanese bladecraft for inspiration on the Böker Plus Tanto Dashi. The unique blade shape is great for pierce cuts, and a two-tone blade finish makes the Eddleman Tanto Dashi as stylish as it is effective.

Böker Plus Eddleman Tanto Dashi

Spyderco ARK
The ARK was a passion project for US Army veteran John Shirley and craftsman Sam Owens. Made with rustproof H-1 steel and weighing only 2 oz. with the sheath, the ARK is strong in self-defense applications as well as everyday cutting chores.

Spyderco ARK

TOPS C.U.T. 4.0
With the TOPS C.U.T. 4.0, designer Joshua Swanagon married the tactical to the practical. The C.U.T. 4.0 takes the popular karambit ring handle and combines it with a less specialized drop point blade shape to make an ergonomic, effective all-purpose tool.

TOPS C.U.T. 4.0


Best New Tactical Fixed Blade:
Top 4 Contenders
CRKT Clever Girl (WINNER)
Friday, November 11th

Best New Outdoor Fixed Blade:
Top 4 Contenders
Mora Garberg (WINNER)
Saturday, November 12th

Best New Fixed Blade for EDC:
Top 4 Contenders
Sunday, November 13th

Best Knife Upgrade:
Top 5 Contenders
Benchmade G-10 Griptilian (WINNER)
Monday, November 14th

Best New Automatic Knife:
Top 4 Contenders
Kershaw Launch 6 (WINNER)
Tuesday, November 15th

Best New Assisted-Opening Folder:
Top 4 Contenders
Benchmade 490 Amicus (WINNER)
Wednesday, November 16th

Best New Value Folder (MSRP under $100):
Top 4 Contenders
Cold Steel Pro-Lite (WINNER)
Thursday, November 17th

Best New Manual Folder:
Top 5 Contenders
Zero Tolerance 0456 (WINNER)
Friday, November 18th

Most Innovative New Knife:
Top 3 Contenders
CRKT Homefront (WINNER)
Saturday, November 19th

Best Overall New for 2016 Lineup:
Top 5 Contenders

Benchmade Knife Company (WINNER)
Sunday, November 20th