Bestech Fairchild Will Be Ready by Blade Show

After two years of work, the Bestech Fairchild, a collaboration piece with returning designer Grzegorz Grabarsk, known online as Kombou, is finally ready to release. The Fairchild is a big, beautiful folder that comes decked out in all the premium fixings.

Grabarski is always playing with bold lines and steep curves, and the Fairchild is certainly no exception in the creative contours department. Let’s start with that blade, a wide leaf-shaped number that measures a whopping 3.93 inches, making it the biggest Kombou-designed folder in the Bestech lineup. The sheer size of the thing may put it out of the EDC category for some, but that blade is certainly capable of the role, with a nice, even blend of curving edge and pointy tip. This well-rounded geometry is complimented by that most well-rounded of super steels, S35VN. A thumb cutout provides the one and only, and thankfully ambidextrous, opening method here.

In contrast to that wide blade, the Fairchild’s handle starts slender and tapers further as it moves out to the back end. Made completely from titanium, its narrow dimensions still provide enough room to accommodate the frame lock with its attendant steel interface, and Kombou graced this arching profile with a milled fuller, anodized blue to make it really pop. Given the overall dimensions, it’s no surprise that the Fairchild is on the heavy side; Bestech gives the weight as 6.31 oz. In terms of additional features, you’ve got the sculpted titanium pocket clip and an elongated, spine-riding lanyard loop, also anodized blue.

Evidently, Kombou and Bestech began working on the Fairchild two years ago. That means it was underway shortly after Grabarski’s first collaborations with the company. Knives can take a surprisingly long time to make it from initial ideation to final production, but it looks like the finish line is finally in sight for the Fairchild; Bestech has said they intend to have it available at Blade Show next month.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Fairchild