Bestech Knives Takes Running Start at 2018

2017 newcomer Bestech Knives’ latest release is the Starfighter, a mid-sized outdoor folder with a handsome two-tone coloration. The company tells us to expect big things in 2018 with dozens of new models under development.

The Starfighter features a ball-bearing flipper, titanium frame lock with a steel insert, a sculpted titanium pocket clip, and a 3.5-inch, S35VN drop point blade. The understated milling on the scales, complemented by a two-tone anodization, helps set it apart from a sea of knives with similar specifications. Customers can choose between either a blue/silver or blue/bronze configuration.

Bestech Knives’ Solina tells us that the catalog will grow significantly in the new year. “We keep designing more and more knives,” she says. “In 2018, we plan to develop at least 30 new products, with good value for our fans.” Although it has relied on inside design talent up until now, the company tells us they want to pull in outside collaborators. “We are very interested in working together with well-known designers from the USA, Europe, South Africa and all over the world,” Solina states. “We think this could bring some international class and flair to our projects. Working together with international designers is one of our priorities in 2018.”

The company maintains two separate lines. A budget-friendly line with G-10 and D2 steel as primary materials hits a sub-$100 price point. The premium line, with knives made from titanium and S35VN, offers what Solina describes as a “middle-high end price level,” right around $200. She says we can expect Bestech to maintain similar pricing in the future, with no immediate plans to push into the upper-end of production knives cost-wise.

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Solina acknowledges that the competition in this segment of the market is stiff, but remains confident that Bestech’s commitment to quality will help it rise to the top. It is also bringing a lot of industry experience to bear. Though Bestech itself opened its doors just this year, its parent company, Yangjiang Outdoor Winner Industries, has been making knives for 10 years. It has worked as an OEM for big brands like SOG and Gerber. With this stable background Bestech will be giving its all in the years to come. “We hope our designs will be popular in the market. But in the meanwhile, we will ensure quality,” Solina says.

Knife featured in image: Bestech Knives Starfighter

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