Black Fox Forges Four Fresh New Folders

Fox Knives added four new folding knives to its Black Fox lineup. The new knives carry forward with the Black Fox mission of blending affordable designs with solid materials.

The four blades share some features. They’re all liner locks with G-10 scales and 440C blade steel, which by this point we’ve seen used on many other Black Fox releases. Additionally, all of the knives weigh under four ounces and have blade lengths above 3 inches. Finally each new model will be offered with options for both a satin finished or coated blade.


The Metropolis bring streamlined looks to a mid-size overall package. Its 3.54-inch blade is a slim drop point shape, with an angled swedge running the length of its gentle topside hump.

Users have a squared-off flipper tab as the opening mechanism, a tab that nearly vanishes when the knife is in the open position. The handle shape mimics the blade, with a mirrored tapering off towards the back end of the knife. The G-10 itself has been accented with a sunburst pattern and a faux bolster milled into the material. Even with that mid-size blade, the liner lock Metropolis comes in at a competitive 2.46 oz.


The Revolver brings a very similar set of dimensions to the Metropolis. Its blade is the same length – 3.54 inches – albeit with a less dropped drop point shape; the flipper tab here hews more to tradition in that, when the knife is open, it protrudes from the G-10 handle as a sort of extended guard.

A more upright blade shape and the angular, linear handle give the Revolver a distinctive Kwaiken-ish flair. It comes in just a tad heavier than the Metropolis, weighing 2.82 oz.


With the Action, Black Fox gains a new rescue-style knife. As you might expect from the genre, the Action incorporates a rescue cutter into its handle, as well as a glass breaker on its back end. The 3.14-inch blade is the only one of the four new folders to open with a thumb stud, but is made from the same 440C blade steel as the others.


In terms of size, the Reloaded lands in the middle of pack, with a 3.26-inch cutting edge, rendered here as a narrow, elegant drop point. Its G-10 scales from with turtle shell texturing and are slightly letterboxed by the steel liners underneath. The Reloaded’s deep carry clip is situated right at the very end of the knife so as to allow it to be completely below the lip of the pocket while being carried.

Knife in Featured image: Black Fox Reloaded

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