Blade Show West: Tactile’s Archer Makes its Grand Entrance

Tactile Knife Co. brought its long-awaited new model to Blade Show West. It’s called the Archer, the company’s second collaboration with an outside designer – in this case none other than TJ Schwarz.

Schwarz’s style as a knife maker/designer is defined less by one particular, signature element than by his ability to work equally well in a variety of formats and knife genres. His work also possesses that uncanny quality whereby even the most disparate designs somehow share some ineffable elements, marking them all as Schwarz knives no matter how different they are on the surface.

All of which is to say that, looking at the Archer, you see elements of other Schwarz knives, but only if you’re looking for them; as a whole it feels completely new. The blade is a broad and handsome drop point, and sizeable too at 3.5 inches in length. Opening is done through either a spine-side flipper, powered by a multi-row bearing pivot custom-made by Skiff Workshop, a father/son CNC and knife making shop. In a move that will surprise absolutely nobody, the blade steel is MagnaCut, so performance across the board will be of the standard-setting variety.

The Archer’s handle, well, arches, in a manner not too dissimilar from Schwarz’s Overland fixed blade. In the Archer’s standard configuration the handle comes with Tactile’s signature fine line texturing, although this time the lines come from two different directions, meeting at the raised ridge in the center of the handle. There’s a titanium pocket clip too (non-reversible), and the Archer weighs 4.6 oz. in its standard configuration; the model with smooth scales and a carbon fiber inlay near the pivot saves a little weight and enters the ring at 4.3 oz. instead.

As stated above, the Archer is making its debut as we speak at Blade Show West, on a first come, first serve basis; a single inlay model will be lotto’d off today and tomorrow while the show is running.

Knife in Featured Image: Tactile Knife Co. Archer

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