These Homemade Guns Fire Blades Instead of Bullets

Before there were guns, flamethrowers, and bombs, catapults and slingshots were used for centuries as weapons of war. Soldiers would use these throwing devices to mercilessly launch objects sometimes containing scalding hot tar, oil, and boiling water at the enemy. Jörg Sprave, in videos for his YouTube Slingshot Channel gets medieval with some homemade devices of his own creation. All three weapons fire blades instead of bullets, bombs, or searing liquid.

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The project began as a challenge from Slingshot Channel fans. Sprave answered the call with his first blade launching device called the Torpedo Shooter 2500. The contraption resembles a giant wooden rail gun but is designed to fire Cold Steel Torpedo 15″ throwing knives. In testing, it managed to penetrate a wooden target, destroy a watermelon, and puncture a car door.

Then Sprave put together a catapult-style device that lobs the Flying Death throwing axes from Czech Republic knife maker Sharp Blades. The stationary catapult is able to throw the 14 oz. axes high and far. One launch ends with the axe getting stuck into the wall of a barn 30 yards away.

The madness and Sprave’s maniacal laugh continues with what else? ..this awesome pump action kunai blade slingshot.

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