Boker Bronco Brings Beefy 3V Blade for Bushcrafters

Boker continues to expand its steel repertoire with an incoming fixed blade release, the Bronco. Designed for hard use in the great outdoors, the Bronco is a modernized take on classic fixed blade principles made from a heavy-hitting PM steel.

Compared to folders, the fixed blade genre sticks closer to its roots – particularly when it comes to releases in the bushcraft/survival arena. When hard use is on the table, traditional, reliable designs simply tend to work best. The Bronco sports a handsomely classical drop point blade, with a healthy saber grind. At 4.45 inches it falls right in line with other knives of its genre, neither too big nor too small.

The rubberized TPE grip stays secure in all conditions

The big selling point on the Bronco is that this blade is made from CPM-3V. This isn’t the first time Boker has used the steel, but for the most part, previous 3V releases were limited runs; the Bronco is the only knife in the active Boker lineup made from 3V. CPM-3V explicitly prioritizes toughness over edge retention, and countless reviews and YouTube torture tests over the years have proven the degree to which it succeeded. 3V pairs nicely with the saber grind too, which is often chosen for the added resiliency it gives to an edge.

Boker did things a little differently with the Bronco’s handle. Instead of Micarta or G-10, they chose to make it from TPE, a rubberized plastic whose tacky surface provides sure, stable grip in all conditions. The grip shape itself is all curves, with a palm swell in the middle to fill out the hand. The protruding tang at the butt end looks like it may work well as an impact tool when needed, and the spine can be used for fire starting; a fire rod is included for just that purpose. A Boker mainline release, the Bronco comes with a leather sheath; in total, the knife weighs 5.19 oz.

Boker seems to be making a concerted effort to expand their steel repertoire. Following the Bronco onto the market later this year is the Sherman EDC, which marks the first time the company has used MagnaCut on a knife release. Boker has also experimented with CPM-CruWear on some of their high-end, Solingen-made Jagdmesser traditional knives.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Bronco