Böker Creates Manual OTF Dagger with the Slike

Fans of the traditional dagger look take note: the crew at Böker has whipped up a manual push button knife called the Slike, which places the dagger blade shape in an unconventional, fidget-friendly package.

Without entering the overgrown thicket that is the “What Does Tactical Actually Mean” discourse, suffice it to say that, in the realm of tactical blade design, the dagger is an elder statesman, the ur-tactical blade. The Slike’s handle is where its mechanical quirkiness come into play; Böker kept it classic with the blade. This is a traditional, symmetrical dagger that measures 2.99 inches – a length that allows it to be a capable, albeit unconventional, EDC cutter in addition to any sort of self-defense applications. D2 blade steel, the entry-level knife world’s current benchmark steel, delivers unimpeachably solid numbers in edge retention and toughness, although it does trade in its full stainless status to do so on a budget.

The button lock mechanism here works in an unusual way

Things get wild when we look at the deployment. The dagger blade is a natural fit for an out-the-front opening thanks to its symmetrical profile. And while “OTF” often means “automatic,” the Slike is that rare beast, a manual OTF knife. Pressing down on the button in the handle disengages the retention detent, allowing the user to slide the button and blade forward, until it locks in place in the fully open position. Pressing down again unlocks the knife for closure.

The handle Böker built around this mechanism is also symmetrical, but slim and obviously with a large channel cut through both scales to allow the push button lock to function untrammeled. This also results in a very lightweight knife, with a total weight of just 1.27 oz. A money clip-style pocket clip is along for the ride, but a nylon pouch is also included.

The Böker Plus Slike is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Slike

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