Böker Develops Key Areas of Expansive Catalog

Böker’s plans for 2019 include focused development of multiple product categories. They’re continuing to push their focus on automatic knives with a line extension of the Kwaiken Auto and the release of a brand new OTF. Additionally, the Anniversary 150 series bedecks enduring Böker patterns with limited edition materials.  Recently the company also released the Slyde-R, a new take on the dog tag-style micro knife complete with a unique Button Lock mechanism.

New Automatic Developments
The Kwaiken Auto series is getting a significant expansion this year in the form of a smaller model with a sub-3 inch blade. Still produced in conjunction Pro-Tech, the new model is put together from the same materials as its bigger brother: 154CM steel and aluminum handles. Additionally, Böker developed a new partnership with Hogue Knives for another new automatic – an OTF in this case. The lines adhere very closely to the universal OTF template, with a slim rectangular handle and a sliding button the spine for opening. The OTF’s blade is a thin drop point that measures 3.5 inches long, and once again we’re seeing a 154CM steel and aluminum handle build.

Anniversary 150 Knives
Alongside the many modern folders across its lines, Böker continues to produce traditional knives, both fixed and folding. The new Anniversary 150 line celebrates Böker’s long history in this genre, with a series of classic patterns decked out in special trim. Among the limited materials on tap for the series are curly birch (in multiple colors) and several selections of Damascus, including one from Chad Nichols.

While it doesn’t fit into the categories above, the Slyde-R recently made its appearance in the Böker Plus line. Given that, the knife is made from humble but effective, budget-oriented materials. Designed by John Kubasek, the Slyde-R has a clip point blade made from 440C steel, measuring 2.2 inches long – which is also the overall proportions of the knife when closed. The blade been given a chisel ground edge to keep its profile as flat as possible.

The Slyde-R’s handle is a thin G-10 envelope, with channels cut into it to keep the floating blade aligned open and closed. Instead of swinging in and out like a normal folding knife – or, indeed, like most dog tag-style micro knives – the Slyde-R slides forward and back along its channel. The action is controlled by manipulating the Button Lock mechanism on the blade itself, which allows the blade to move when disengaged, but keeps it in place during use when engaged.

Knife in Featured image: Böker Slyde-R