Böker Enriches Fixed Blade Selection with Spring Releases

A pair of new fixed blades are joining the Böker Plus stable. Collaborator Sándor Hegyes returns with another, larger outdoors-centric design, and a Jesper Voxnæs release from the past is returning with more affordable materials.


Sándor Hegyes is a Hungarian knife maker who specializes in rugged fixed blade models. The Komondor is a sequel to the Kormoran, his first collaboration with Böker. Compared to that knife, the Komondor is a fair bit bigger: its hearty drop point blade measures 7.64 inches long and has a chunky .22-inch blade stock. These heavy duty proportions are complimented by hard-working SK-5 carbon steel, which has also been given a powder coating to shrug off corrosion.

Hegyes’s blade is obviously geared toward chopping, hacking, and cutting in the great outdoors, and the handle compliments that use profile well. It has a deep forward finger choil underneath a flared out guard to keep the user’s hand from sliding forward, and a gently flared butt end brackets the other side of their grip. Gently rounded G-10 handle scales are attached to the full tang frame; the Komondor was 16.76 oz. and comes with a nylon sheath.

Nessmi Pro

Jesper Voxnæs’s Nessmi Pro is a much smaller fixed blade. It has shown up before in other configurations under the Böker and Böker 1674 lines. Here, the Böker Plus variation comes with D2 blade steel and brown canvas Micarta handle scales instead of S30V and either brown Micarta or amboina wood. It hasn’t been given a price tag in dollars yet, but its European price is 59,95 € – about $65, which is significantly less than the previous versions.

This knife is Voxnæs’s riff on the Nessmuk, a classic design pioneered by – and named after – outdoorsperson and writer George W. Sears. All the elements of the original are discernible here, but have been given a noticeble Voxnæs tweak, from the shorter 2.64-inch blade to the more humpbacked and ergonomically fleshed out handle. Designed as an outdoors backup or for possible fixed blade EDCing, the Nessmi Pro weighs 2.75 oz. and also comes with a nylon sheath.

The Komondor is out now. The Nessmi Pro will be available at the end of May.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Komondor