Boker Picks-up GEK Fixed Blade Line

New from Boker Knives is a line of stunning premium outdoor fixed blade knives from designer Tony Lennartz. Lennartz appears to be a man full of energy and enthusiasm on a mission to share his love for the outdoors. His company provides various tours and seminars to Germans who want to turn a fledgling interest in the outdoors into a memorable experience. Lennartz’s website says the tours are not intended to provide wilderness training but instead “make life very pleasant and many of our customers prefer the woods in front of a fine hotel.”

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Lennartz designed the original German Expedition Knife while on a year long trapping trip in British Columbia, Canada. He describes the new Boker collaborations as “robust, all around” knives that are simple and efficient when performing many bushcrafting, skinning, and trapping tasks. The new GEK line includes the Boker German Expedition EDC (9 1/8″, 6.4oz, N690), the Boker German Expedition (11 3/8″, 9.1oz, N690), and the Boker German Expedition Classic (11 3/8″, 16.5oz, N695).

The clip point blades are drop forged from Austrian Bohler cobalt vanadium steel. The rounded ergonomic handles make for a comfortable wilderness tool that can be used in the field for extended periods. What really sets the knives apart are the skeletonized handles. They not only catch the eye but cut the weight of the knives down. Lennartz’s main reason for the design was making the tool as efficient and light as possible, freeing up weight to lug other heavy items when trapping in the bush. The knives are hardly inexpensive owing to the materials used and place within Boker’s premium tier of German made products.

If you don’t mind abandoning the skeletonized look of the Boker GEK but prefer added grip, you can purchase interchangeable CNC machined micarta scales fitted for the knives directly from Boker. Also designed by Lennartz, the attractive leather sheaths are ready for ambidextrous and cross draw carry. The knives are secured with push button straps for an easy draw and re-sheathing.

Knife featured in image: Boker German Expedition EDC