Böker Expands Plus Line with Limited Edition Burnley Flipper

Böker has unveiled a complete spring/summer catalog full of models slated for release throughout the first half of the year. One particular standout is a knife called the Collection 2020 Aphex, a design from Lucas Burnley that is the inaugural release in a new series of limited edition knives.

The Collection 2020 Aphex originated in Burnley’s well-known BRNLY365 project, where the maker tried to come up with a fresh knife design every day for a year. Due to its limited run status, the knife will probably be primarily kept as a collector’s piece, seeing little if any use; but in terms of use categories, it comes across a large EDC or hard use folder. has a 3.9-inch blade drawn to traditional drop point specifications and made from M390 steel. The blade has a fuller cut into it on both the front and back sides; it may be usable as a secondary opening method but obviously this knife is first and foremost a flipper.

Like the blade, the handle follows fairly conventional lines, elevating them with details and material choices. Other than a mild downward curve along the spine and a shallow finger groove, the handle is linear, simple, neutral. It gets some dimensionality from layering cuts on the scales themselvesm and marbled carbon fiber inserts add some additional . The Collection 2020 weighs a hefty 6.17 oz.; it does have a sculpted titanium pocket clip but also comes with a nylon sheath for storage or an alternative carry method.

The Aphex is the first in what Böker says is a line of limited edition models in its Plus lineup. Although the distinctions between Böker’s various sub-brands can be somewhat nebulous, the Plus line is generally the widest-ranging, with a consistent and diverse string of releases yearly. However, it has usually been a budget-conscious lineup; the Aphex – and potentially any other limited edition models that will follow – seem to target higher than average price brackets in the Plus collection.

Böker says that the Collection 2020 Aphex is limited to 500 individually-numbered pieces. It is expected to release in early March.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Collection 2020/Aphex

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