Böker Keeps New Releases Rolling with Nebula

Lately we’ve seen a marked increase in new models from German knife company Böker, with one of the latest being the Böker Plus Nebula. The Nebula blends premium and affordable knife elements into a trendy, accessible package.

Some of these recent releases from Böker have been collaborations featuring the work of outside designers, but the Nebula is an in-house effort. It showcases the company’s awareness of enthusiast-driven knife trends, and seems to be targeting a slot in your mid-sized EDC lineup. The blade, a leafish drop point, measures 3.6 inches long and can be opened with a thumb hole or flipper. As mentioned above, the Nebula is an interesting blend of high-end and entry level components. The blade steel belongs to the latter category: it’s D2, the rough and tumble semi stainless that is coming to dominate the sub-$100 knife market.

While D2 is associated with affordability, that may not have been the sole factor in Böker choosing it for this knife. The Nebula’s proportions and steel come together to create a knife that is ready to work harder than its streamlined looks would suggest.

And how about those looks? The obvious standout feature on the Nebula as a whole is its handle – but not for any particular ergonomic element. Böker kept it super simple in that regard. Instead, it’s the presence of full, 3D contoured carbon fiber handle scales that make it stand out. Blue anodized stainless steel liners and an orange accent ring around the pivot build on the scales’ style. The Nebula carries with a split arrow pocket clip a la Benchmade and weighs 5.08 oz.

Releases have been coming thick and fast from Böker recently. We’ve seen them roll out a pair of new designs from Michael Reinhold, as well as a production version of the Shamsher, a custom collaboration between Stan Moizis and Darriel Caston.

The Nebula is slated to arrive next month.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Nebula