Böker Plus Piranha Crosses the Atlantic

After a jubilant reception in Europe, Böker is bringing the Piranha EDC fixed blade stateside. Modeled after a custom knife made by Scott McGhee of Guinea Hog Forge, this production version is part of the Böker Plus line, and with an MSRP of $67.95 it’s an affordable option that should tempt any fan of fixed blades.

McGhee created the Piranha because folding knives weren’t tough enough for him. “Every folder I’ve ever got, I’ve broken – and I don’t think I’m abusive to them or anything,” he says.

The Piranha boasts a striking 2.9” clip point blade designed to be useful in as many cutting chores as possible. As an EDC-able fixed blade, it can handle detail work, slicing, general utility and food prep. With a fairly thick (.15”) blade stock, it can also flex into heavy duty tasks. When he created the original Piranha prototype, McGhee put it through its paces, cleaning a 300-lb. hog before he made it part of his lineup. The wideness of the 440C blade leaves room for an ample, flat belly, but with a fortified and pronounced tip, the knife pierces without resistance.

Böker Plus Piranha

The exposed butt-end of the knife is designed to work with a ferro rod for fire-starting and also functions as a bottle opener. The Piranha weighs 3.5 oz. and comes with a kydex sheath that can be worn around the neck, on a belt, or even simply carried in the pocket.

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McGhee has a tremendous following in Germany, and was originally approached by the Solingen-based Böker in 2010. In 2013, the company released a limited edition run of his Mamba knife as part of their Magnum series. McGhee says his German fans were pivotal in securing a deal with Böker. McGhee didn’t seek out a collaboration, and says Böker took the initiative to seal the deal. “Some companies expect makers to approach them about collaborations, but Böker seeks out designs themselves. That’s how my relationship with Böker started.”

The North Carolina-based knife maker is a certified American Bladesmith Society Master Smith, an elite designation. McGhee immerses himself in his work and is known to spend most of his time producing knives or dreaming up the next sharp and pointy object to come out of his workshop.

Green and black G-10 flavors of the Piranha are already available to order through Böker, and should be more widely distributed in the near future.

Knife featured in image:Böker Plus Piranha