Bold Wharncliffe Shape on Civivi Amirite is Ready for EDC

Civivi has been cooking up something for fans of the wharncliffe, with an incoming offering called the Amirite. The Amirite’s striking take on the popular blade shape steals the show, and it comes paired to a no-nonsense, high-grip handle.

We’ve remarked on this before, but mid-sized blades have made a big comeback in the EDC category over the last few years. They were never obscure or anything like that, but they’re center stage again after a period in which they shared the spotlight with the sub-3 inch knife. The Amirite’s blade length is 3.48, a common measurement for mid-size knives that maximizes the capabilities of a cutting edge without shooting it into the stratosphere sizewise, keeping it an accessible carry for many users.

The full suite of Amirite models

The Amirite wharnie’s exaggerated dimensions make it a real scene-stealer, but despite the showmanship it still delivers the goods you would expect from the time-tested shape: a very pointy tip, and a straight main edge that is an ideal choice for zipping across taped boxes, cutting plastic ties, and slicing up apples and other foodstuffs (after you wash it off of course). The steel on hand here is Nitro-V, a trusty stainless option that sustains a good edge and a clean face through a diverse list of chores.

Like many a good handle, the one on the Amirite makes it a point to get out of the user’s way, with a very neutral, unbossy profile. The G-10 scales are rendered with a coarse texture, making the Amirite a particularly grippy EDC knife. The button lock mechanism, a recent favorite at Civivi, is in place on the show side scale, and the clip can be reversed to either side. The Amirite weighs 4.59 oz.

This one is slated for release in November.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Amirite

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