Bone Daddy Blade Werx Moves onto the Scene with Hand Axe Kickstarter

New knife outfit Bone Daddy Blade WerX is making their debut with a small batch production run of the Axxis, a knife that blends outdoors multi-functionality with portability.

On its base conceptual level, the Axxis attempts to fill two key roles in an outdoorsperson’s arsenal: an axe and a sturdy fixed blade. It takes the hand axe-style tools of the stone age and gives them a thoroughly modern revision oriented around saving weight and space. “Cutting pack weight is easy enough when considering a tent or a sleeping bag, where innovations in materials and design have led to some major weight saving breakthroughs,” explains BDBW founder Sean Heumann. “Unfortunately, when it comes to reducing the weight of survival knives and camp axes, there has been little to no design evolution since their ancient counterparts first emerged.”

So the core idea of the Axxis revolves around maximizing utility while reducing size. It consists of a two-edged D2 blade, which has 5.3 inches of cutting edge across its surfaces. The multifaceted cutting edge lets the Axxis function both as a sturdy knife and, when lashed to an improvised handle, an axe blade as well. “[It] was designed to provide all of the functional versatility of a survival knife, and the awesome chopping power of a camp axe, with none of the dead weight of either,” Heumann says.

While ancient cutting tools were the inspiration, the ergonomic design on the Axxis is thoroughly modern. It’s distinctly humpbacked, with a unique double finger groove cutout just beneath the guard. Five large cutouts in the body of the knife not only provide some lightening and skeletonization, but also facilitate more unconventional ways of holding it; according to Bone Daddy themselves, they currently count 10 different useful grips for the Axxis. Weighing 14.3 ounces, the Axxis comes with a Kydex sheath that is ambidextrous, attaching by carabiner to a belt loop.

Huemann tells us he has plans to offer users more knives and tools in the future. “This Kickstarter campaign was never intended to be a ‘one and done’ deal.” He wants this first product to set the tone for others to follow. “With the Axxis, we are hoping to inspire a whole new movement within the survival gear market, and establish BDBW as the definitive purveyor of cutting edge minimalist tools.”

The Axxis is on Kickstarter right now seeking funding. The asking amount is set at $55,000, and the funding period ends on March 26, 2020.

Knife in Featured Image: Bone Daddy Blade WerX Axxis