Brous Blades Brings out Production Bygones in Limited Release

Maker Jason Brous is about to add the latest knife to his production lineup, a slim n’ slick, but by no means small, flipper called the Bygones. The knife, which is currently up for preorder, is dropping later this year in a restricted limited batch.

Brous, who works in both the custom and production markets, established his personal style immediately and clearly. On either side of the custom/production divide, his stuff stands out instantly with its eldritch blend of biomechanical embellishment, avant-garde curves, general tactical disposition; it’s heady stuff, but also surprisingly flexible, working well across different use categories and sizes.

It’s hard to tell in pics but this is a big boy

When talking about the Bygones, the first thing that has to be noted is the size. This is a large folder, with a blade that towers over most others at 4 inches even. There are many among us who like a big blade for everyday carry chores, and if you fall into that group the Bygones’s organic drop point shape will serve you well; it’s got the complete package in terms of belly, straight edge, and an elongated robust tip. Brous worked with D2 “before it was cool,” and that’s once again his chosen blade steel for this one. After so many smaller EDC knives made from the semi-stainless in recent years, it’s interesting to see it back in a larger blade where it’s hard-wearing characteristics should really shine.

The big blade folds deep into a sinuous handle, made from sculpted G-10 sporting the instantly recognizable Brous maze pattern cut deep into both scales. The look is eye-catching, but there’s nothing unnecessarily adventurous or avant-garde about the handle profile, which hearkens back to the very basics of knife design, fixed or folding, with its simple, unadorned, oblong shape. A deep carry pocket clip helps this big knife carry well; in total the Bygones weighs 5 oz.

As mentioned above, preorders for the Bygones are up now, but the knife is not expected to ship until later this year; Brous says to expect a 60-90 wait on that front. It is also going to be a limited run, with just 150 pieces made, so if you like it, we recommend getting in line now.

Knife in Featured Image: Brous Blades Bygones

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