Buck Drops New Drop Point 112 Ranger

The latest release from Buck Knives is a simple but important upgrade to one of their most popular knives. The Buck 112 Ranger is getting a new drop point option alongside the classic clip point configuration.

The Ranger is almost as famous as the knife that inspired it, the 110 Folding Hunter. It has the same brass-and-wood aesthetic as that blade, but repackages it into a smaller size category. The Ranger’s blade length is 3 inches on the nose, making it a flexible candidate for EDC.

In terms of usage, the switch from a clip point to a drop point may seem like a minor one. And indeed the new variant of the Ranger won’t be able to tackle new tasks necessarily. But blade geometry is an important factor in how it feels to use a knife, and the drop point may suit some users’ tastes more than the clip. In terms of durability, with its less pronounced tip the drop is arguably more robust and less likely to snap or bend.

This version of the Ranger is sporting Buck’s well-known 420HC steel. This is a relatively simple stainless that benefits from a heat treat formulated by master metallurgist Paul Bos. This special advantage helps Buck’s 420HC punch a bit above its weight class, bringing its performance in line with other, more modern competitors in the budget-friendly, EDC stainless steel category.

The handle is the classic 110 arch, a bow-shape that fills the palm and creates a very mild bracket to keep the hand in place. There are brass bolsters on both ends and the scales are made from Crelicam ebony – the same kind of ebony wood that is often used on musical instruments like Taylor guitars.

A drop point blade shape for the Ranger has been requested by fans for a long time. The existing Ranger is able to be customized in a variety of way: users can upgrade the steel, or even opt for a different handle design with pronounced finger grooves. At this time, the new drop point Ranger seems to be available only in the standard configuration, but the drop point 110 eventually got customization options so it’s likely the same will happen here.

Knife in Featured Image: Buck Knives Drop Point Ranger