Buck Introduces Salient Straight Razor into Legacy Collection

Buck Knives just released the Salient, a traditional straight razor rendered in modern materials. The knife is being introduced as part of Buck’s Legacy Collection, a line of ambitious designs produced with a lot of hand work and in limited quantities. Designed by Buck Knives Special Project Manager Caleb Cooper, the Salient represents a growing focus on in-house designs that will be a defining element of the Legacy Collection in the years to come.

A straight razor might seem like an uncommon product design for a company known for its pocket and outdoor knives, but Buck keeps an eye on market trends, and Cooper tells us that these kinds of blades are rising in popularity. “The straight razor has made somewhat of a comeback in today’s culture,” he says. “We are at the height of the ‘Beard Boom’ and those beards need to be maintained.”

With a contoured, marbled carbon fiber body that has been polished to a high shine, the Salient provided Buck with the opportunity to show off its machining skills.  The handle material is both a concession for fans who will seek out the limited edition Salient to complete their collections, and a performance-based choice. “The Salient was designed to get into both the user and collectors hands,” Cooper says. The knife is almost 10-inches long but weighs only 2.1 oz., and the polish helps to ward off moisture during use.

Users will find that the Salient has a 2.75” straight edge blade made from Buck’s 420HC steel, known for its superior heat treat. Because they are not made for daily cutting tasks or hard use, straight razors are ground extremely thin. With an edge grind of just 7 degrees per side, the Salient sports a true razor edge.

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Along with the Infuri and the Brazen, the Salient is one of three employee-designed, Legacy Collection knives being introduced in 2017. Cooper says that this element of the Legacy Collection will continue to be an important part of the program on an ongoing basis. “This collection has evolved into one of a kind projects that come from some of the very talented people that Buck employs.”

Knife featured in image: Buck Knives Salient