TOPS Knives Keeps the Pedal to the Metal

Keeping pace with TOPS Knives isn’t easy. Spring is only a month old and with its most recent announcements, the company has already introduced 7 new fixed blades. TOPS has made a name for itself as a fearless innovator that works outside the box to deliver astonishing new cutting tools. The Idaho based knife company is keeping the pedal to the metal in 2016 with more jaw dropping collaborations than ever.

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TOPS C.U.T. 4.0
One of the company’s newborns is the C.U.T. 4.0 (Combat Utility Tool) an interesting offspring of two classic knife styles. The C.U.T. 4.0 keeps the karambit style handle but ditches the limitations of a karambit blade in favor of the practicality of a 4″ drop point. “Being a long time martial artist I am a big fan of the karambit and ring knives for combatives. However, I am also an avid outdoorsman and like more of a general purpose utility blade,” the designer, Joshua Swanagon explains.

While karambit blades excel at ripping and tearing they are no match for other blade styles when it comes to general cutting, bushcraft, slicing, and stabbing. “I was looking to design something that would successfully bridge the gap .. for more of a full function EDC,” the self defense instructor tells us.

TOPS C.U.T. 4.0

The concept is a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ kind of idea. There are numerous tasks that the C.U.T. 4.0 can tackle, and with its broader capabilities the audience it will appeal to should be wide. The C.U.T. 4.0 boasts Dragonfly Tread canvas micarta handles and comes with a matching kydex sheath.

TOPS Brakimo
TOPS has also recently released a more conventional bushcraft knife: the Brakimo, designed by Joe Flowers. The word ‘Brakimo’ is derived from the Matis tribe of Brazil, who were unknown to the world until the 1970’s. The Matis have existed for centuries and rely on cutting tools to craft many of their living necessities such as blowguns, baskets, clothing, and body decorations.

Flowers is the owner of Bushcraft Global, a survival school that takes students into the jungle. The adventurer has a long history both designing and writing about knives. When he designed the Brakimo, Flowers chose a modified Scandinavian grind and 1095 high carbon steel for optimum edge retention and ease of sharpening.

TOPS Brakimo

The Brakimo is designed to serve as a primary knife for bushcrafting and camp tasks but can also function as a backup machete because of its thickness and 10” overall length. The angular handle is crafted from green canvas micarta and the knife includes the standard kydex sheath from TOPS.

Both the C.U.T. 4.0 and Brakimo are now available for purchase from TOPS and approved dealers.

Knife featured in image: TOPS C.U.T. 4.0