Canada’s Flipped Tool Makes OTF Bottle Opener

New Canadian EDC company Flipped Tools is looking to crowdfund its first project, the Out the Front Bottle Opener. The gadget puts a bottle opener into an out-the-front auto chassis, bringing the fidget factor of that restricted knife format to a legally acceptable, people-friendly tool.

In Canada, automatic knives are pretty much a no-go in any capacity. Flipped Tools founder Demsey Kirkwood says that the idea for the OTF Bottle Opener game from ogling auto knives at a distance. “Love may not be the best word, longing or admiring from afar might be more accurate,” he tells us. “But yes, we’ve always thought automatic knives were awesome but unattainable. So we were trying to include all the great features of an automatic knife but be available to everyone.”

Of course, automatic knives are as useful as manual folders, but for many their most appealing feature is the fidget factor of the deployment – especially OTF deployment, which has that addicting double action. Flipped’s OTF Bottle Opener brings that trait forward in full; the spine-mounted toggle, when pushed forward, brings out the opening arm, while pulling it back retracts the arm. The aluminum chassis doesn’t stray from the universal, rectangular OTF form factor, although it’s much smaller than the average OTF and clipless – perfect for slipping into a backpack, junk drawer, or watch pocket.

We asked Kirkwood if he would like to make any other EDC tools in an OTF format. “We’d love to. We chose the OTF Bottle opener as our first product because we partnered with a great manufacturer and the barrier to entry was quite low.” A successful will clear the way for future projects. “Once the OTF bottle opener is in production we’d like to focus on other EDC and travel-related items.”

As far as knife production of any sort goes, Kirkwood currently demurs. “Not at this time. There are already a lot of great knife manufacturers and producers making great products. If we see an opportunity to innovate or create something special we’ll go for it, but until then we’ll leave it to more experienced companies.”

The Flipped Tools OTF Bottle Opener is live now on Kickstarter, with a modest funding goal of $1500CAD.

Featured Image: Flipped Tools OTF Bottle Opener

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