Case Looks Backwards and Forwards with 2019 Releases

Case recently dropped its 2019 product catalog, showcasing an embarrassment of riches for the new year. New cover materials are on display of course, but some fresh are looking both forward and backward for inspiration.

Shark Tooth Flipper
The biggest surprise for 2019 was the total redesign of Case’s Shark Tooth knife [see feature image]. In years past, this has been a relatively tame, two hand-opening lockback along the lines of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. This year however, Case transformed the vintage pattern into a modern flipper knife, complete with S35VN steel, pocket clip, and an aluminum handle with G-10 inlay. The 3.5 inch blade has even been giving a smoke gray coating for an extra layer of corrosion protection and visual panache. Other than the name and a general blade shape, there isn’t much the new knife has in common with its predecessor.

Case has already confirmed that these knives are made in the USA. The company has worked with Southern Grind in recent years to produce other modern knives, but this one has not been touted as a collaboration at this point. Case has yet to provide a final price tag for the Shark Tooth Flipper, but says to expect to see the knife with dealers this spring.

Classic Barlow Pattern Returns
The knife community continues to exult in a renewed appreciate for traditional knives, and currently the Barlow is among the most popular patterns. Great Eastern Cutlery has met with no small success with the TC, #77, and Madison Barlows (the last of which was produced for Northwoods Knives). Case is returning to the format with their very classic interpretation of the pattern.

The Case Barlow can be had single bladed, with either a clip or a spear point profile, or double bladed; in the two blade configuration the Clip is the only option for the main blade, and a spear point the only option for the secondary. The Case Barlow measures just 3 ⅜ inches closed, and weighs less than 3 oz. It will be available with seven different cover materials including Kirinite and Case’s classic yellow synthetic.

Astronaut Knife M-1
In an interesting historical exercise, Case is recreating the knife they designed for use by astronauts in two different missions. The M-1 knife, drawn up to NASA’s exacting specifications for use in space, accompanied astronauts during the Gemini and Apollo missions. This recreation embodies all the features of the original: a white polypropelyne handle, large blade with a sawback spine, and a blunted portion towards the handle. The M-1 measures 17 inches in overall length and weighs 10.8 oz.

Knife in Featured image: W.R. Case & Sons Shark Tooth Flipper

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